“Love gift” Shetema short comedy drama

Of course, everyone has a natural sense of comedy, but it’s very clear that not everyone has a good sense of humor. Even if studying comedy theories is fascinating and enlightening, it does not ensure that one will become any more adept at delivering a punchline. It would be upsetting to hear about the many advantages of humor only to find out that heredity is fully to blame for it. There appears to be at least some genetic component. Fortunately, psychologists disagree on whether humor is a natural feature or something that can be learned. There is no such thing as a truly humorless person because humor is ingrained in us all. In the past, we thought that just a few cultures had humor, however this idea has since altered because no society has ever been discovered that didn’t include humor. So, trying to find the humor in life won’t hurt if you want to sharpen your sense of humor. The worst that may happen is that you might laugh a little bit more. Individuals who scored highly on affiliative and self-enhancing humor made the beneficial contributions discussed above, but aggressive and self-defeating humor was linked to worse overall well-being, increased anxiety, and despair. Making fun of others is a bad thing, so it’s crucial to aim for the correct kind of humor when developing your sense of humor. Research has shown that humor can actually strengthen your physical immune system in addition to serving as a mental immune system. Laughter also lowers blood pressure, pulse rate, and muscle tension, which helps the cardiovascular system.

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