Love is patient and people need to forgive in relationships

Googly eyes are a guaranteed hit for adult practical jokes. Get multiple sets of googly eyes and place them on various items on the refrigerator’s shelves. They’ll be a little surprised when they open the refrigerator. But this clever practical joke will definitely make them smile. By adding eyeballs to jars that already have a face or eyes on them, you may make it even more entertaining. Make a batch of baked cookies and substitute salt for the sugar. The cookies can be presented on a platter or packaged in eye-catching tins. Take the plate to a friend’s house for dinner or leave it on the table. When they’re not looking, squeeze some lemon juice into their water. You might also include a tiny bit of salt or vinegar. When they take another sip, be prepared for their response. Pour some cereal and milk into a bowl the evening before you intend to pull this prank. The bowl should then spend the night in the freezer. Offer to make breakfast the following morning, then set the frozen cereal and a spoon in front of your “victim.” Watch and laugh as they attempt to bite during this hilarious prank. This would be a funny way to trick your folks on April 1st.

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