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Love lives forever…wedding ceremony of 600 couples

Residents of Madhya Pradesh have been irritated by a recent spate of load shedding and forced power outages. During their wedding ceremony in Ujjain, the electricity went out, leaving the bride and groom in the dark. In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a strange event occurred. Two sisters were unable to marry because of a blackout in Ujjain’s Aslana village. After a power outage during their wedding ceremony, the two brides were forced to swap places in the dark. Ramesh, the father of the bride, informed the authorities of the incident. In an interview with ANI, Ramesh revealed that two of his daughters were getting married on the same day. A power outage on May 5 resulted in a “bride-groom” exchange between the two brides who were wearing the same bridal gowns. When the power came back on, the mistake was fixed, and the original bride and groom were remarried. Fortunately, the perfect match was found, and the couple was able to marry. Discussions about the incident have gone on for quite some time now on the internet.

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