Love story of writers of Eregnaye Drama

The strongest connection a couple can have is through marriage. You promised to love one another through good times and bad, yet occasionally tensions arise. Maybe you had a horrible argument, you feel like you’re moving away, or you’ve just reached a moment when you know the relationship needs work. Marriage is no different from other relationships in that it too requires effort and dedication to keep your love for one another strong. You and your spouse may strengthen your marriage and recall the reasons you made your love commitment to one another with a little work, some patience, and understanding. Long-term relationships often lead to a tendency for couples to take things that are spoken for granted. For instance, if your partner complains to you about something you’re doing, you might think it’s not a huge concern since you’ve been married for so long. But small things build up, and if your partner feels ignored or invalidated, that might cause major trust and intimacy problems in the future. You should take your spouse’s assertion that there is an issue seriously if they make it. Work to find a solution, either individually or jointly, but be sure to take your partner’s worries seriously. Respond to your partner’s requirements. If your partner expresses a desire for the relationship, you must make the necessary efforts to fulfill that desire or cooperate to find a solution. Quality time is time you set aside exclusively and unreservedly for your partner. You should set aside this time for your spouse no matter what. the phone rings In front of your husband, hang up and turn off the phone. Take turns speaking, sitting together, and observing one another. Take pleasure in each other’s company and in being together. Do this for 30 to 60 minutes at least once per week.

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