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Madingo Afework’s new spiritual song

It is quite appropriate for man to offer God all that is most exquisite and beautiful in his devotion. This adoration can be communicated through words as well as through music, which is considered to be the highest form of prayer in all real faiths.
The Ethiopian Church has made its music suitable for the spirit of its services by adapting it to the nature of the religious services it is used at, to the season of the ecclesiastical year, and to the solemnity of the feast. It makes it grand and exultant on festivals of joy and mournful in seasons of penance and in services for the dead. The zema (tone) of church music contains adoration, thanksgiving, supplication, sadness, joy, and triumph. The central component of Ethiopian Orthodox prayer is the sacred liturgy. The Mass, which the Lord inaugurated the same night He was betrayed, is the focal point of all the many forms of Orthodox prayer and liturgy. Speaking of numerous Ethiopian Church liturgies is improper. It is more accurate to talk about different anaphoras. The fundamental component of the service, the anaphora, which corresponds to the Western Canon, changes, while the Ordo Communis, as it is often known, remains constant. For instance, the term “Qedasse of St. Dioscorus” can refer to the Ordo Communis together with the same Anaphoras or the variable part, the Anaphora, that bears the name of that Saint.

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