Madingo talking about his daughter and family

You’ve definitely heard that a strong male role model is crucial for young boys, but it’s as crucial for daughters to have one. A young girl’s life can be greatly impacted by her father, and their relationship may even influence whether or not she grows up to be a strong, independent lady. The influence of a father on his daughter affects her perceptions of men, confidence, and self-worth. In the father-daughter relationship, it is important that the father strives to live a life of integrity and honesty, avoiding hypocrisy, and admitting his own failings so that the daughter has a practical and encouraging example of how to deal with the outside world. He should try to set an example for her by approaching life’s great questions with reflection. Dad is now considered an equal participant in providing care in our society. Dads are encouraged to be hands-on from day one, helping with diaper changes, baths, putting the baby to sleep, and soothing her cries. The beginning of a very significant relationship is marked by that effort and presence. Dads may avoid their moody and occasionally distant daughter during those annoying “hormonal” years. “Dads should work on building a trusting relationship when there is a preteen girl in the home so that their daughters feel comfortable chatting with them about what’s going on in their lives,” says Austin. “Dads should apologize and seek for forgiveness when required, as doing so demonstrates their love and respect for their girls and helps to mend the wounds that coexistence with their daughters inevitably causes.

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