Mahlet, Solomon and Diribe share memories

I’ve always found the way offices run to be fascinating. Outside of the office, you can choose your pals, but at work, your “friends” are selected for you. That’s one of the most intriguing sociological experiments I’ve ever encountered. Let’s gather a group of individuals from various backgrounds who have never interacted before and instruct them to cooperate, get along, and make friends. We all need to get along, especially now when so much emphasis is being placed on culture, teamwork, and being one big happy family. This is crucial for you to comprehend since, in reality, there will be coworkers with whom you won’t get along, but you still need to make an effort. People enjoy talking about their interests. Spend some time learning about your coworkers’ hobbies and interests if you want to foster good relationships with them. However, take care not to cross prohibited lines. Don’t wait for your employees to initiate contact if you want to have good relations with them. Your coworkers are more inclined to think highly of you when you demonstrate curiosity. If it helps to establish the groundwork for a long-lasting, pleasant relationship, the 30 minutes you spend having coffee with a new coworker are time well spent. Give positive comments when it’s due; employees love to know when they are producing quality work.

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