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Make him think about you the whole day

Do you believe that your man is currently considering you? We all want to respond to that inquiry with a resounding yes! There are, however, a few easy techniques to encourage your guy’s roving thoughts to constantly return to you on even the busiest of days. If he’s constantly thinking about you, it may indicate that he cares about you genuinely and profoundly. Or… He might simply be very fixated on you. He will be unable to concentrate on anything other than you with a few well placed innuendos in the morning and a few strategically placed reminders during the day. As you get ready for work, walk about as long as you can in your underpants and “accidentally” brush up against his body. Allow yourself a few quiet moments to lean seductively. He will be at a loss for what to do with himself. Give him a nice morning kiss right before he starts work. He’ll think about it all day and could even contemplate missing work. He will require a respirator to breathe after a taunting kiss that lasts for five minutes. Use some type of contemporary technology to buzz or call him to just say, “Mmm…” Sending a text that is sexual or simply saying, “I miss you,” would make your man feel fantastic. A quick, flirtatious text or call from you to remind him of your desire will be a pleasurable surprise as long as you aren’t using his phone exclusively. Go old school and write a love message by hand. It needn’t last very long. In fact, when he later reaches into his pocket for something else, a tiny colored slip of paper tucked inside will serve as a seductive reminder of you.

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