“Making people is my greatest source of joy” Tinisae


Few people would claim they wouldn’t prefer to be happier, and it is simple to understand why. Happiness is a fantastic emotional and mental experience, so it stands to reason that we would want to increase its presence in our lives. The idea of happiness and how to increase it has given rise to a whole industry. There are numerous resources available to assist you in discovering your happy self, ranging from best-selling books like Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project to online courses like The Science of Happiness from The Greater Good Center. According to research, increasing your level of happiness has much more advantages than just making you feel good. To learn more about what they are, continue reading. Scientific research has started to point to a number of physical health advantages associated with happiness, including a better immune system, greater stress resilience, a stronger heart and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as quicker healing after illness or surgery. Even a growing collection of data suggests that being content may lengthen our lives. Whether being happier directly improves health outcomes or whether it is only a correlation is in dispute across all of the data.
Some academics have proposed that experiencing happiness and optimism increases engagement in healthier activities like exercise, healthy eating, socializing, and restful sleep. In any case, there is a connection between the two, and scientists are constantly looking for new ways to investigate it.

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