Male and female wedding makeup prices in Addis Ababa 2015

Do you have questions regarding pricing or how much wedding makeup costs? This article is the solution! We’ll discuss expenses, luxuries, and financial savings.
One of the most exciting and joyful times of your life is definitely wedding preparations! It will nearly make you cry to think about walking down the aisle. You are the center of attention on this particular day only. Rightfully so, all eyes are on you, and you want to look your best for the incredible moments that will be preserved in your hearts and in your photographs.
Wedding makeup is one element of achieving your ideal wedding look! You, your bridal party, and even special guests like your mother, your fiancé’s mother, your grandmother, etc. may fall under this category. How much should you budget to spend on your makeup on your wedding day since hiring a professional makeup artist is expensive? There isn’t really a set price for wedding makeup that applies to all situations. Depending on what you choose to include in your package, a lot goes into the cost of professional wedding makeup. Following are some price breakdowns based on your wedding makeup choices. You should anticipate paying between $125 and $275 for the bride’s bridal makeup application, depending on location and experience. This is dependent on the makeup artist’s experience and the products utilized. An unique bridal package that includes wedding makeup, a trial, and a touch-up kit would typically cost between $275 and $400.

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