Many people think I don’t want to get married

The basis of any enduring connection is the capacity for mutual trust. Without it, even if you have love, your marriage will be tense. This is hugely important. Consider every positive relationship in your life, whether it be with a romantic partner or a coworker. Exists there any trust? Our lives rarely take one straight path; instead, they frequently wind, twist, and curve. Are you aware of your destination? Furthermore, have you discussed it with your partner? You don’t have to have the same goals, but if you can support one other for the benefit of the relationship then you’re in a good place. It’s difficult to be on the same page when you’re travelling in opposite ways. Years of misery in your marriage might be avoided if you feel safe and secure in your partnership. Lack of judgement is the starting point of this. “Are you able to be yourself around this person? I would advise you to consider how it would feel for years to come if you are doing your best to be someone else. the potential impact on your self-esteem and anxiety that could result from this. You probably will encounter certain obstacles in life, so it’s crucial to decide whether you and your partner are ready to overcome them together.Yes, trouble-free love and happiness in a partnership can be a lovely thing, but working towards a challenging objective together can strengthen a marriage so much.

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