Many thought I wouldn’t be able to have a child

Strong women are those who have experienced life’s highs and lows but have persevered with a positive outlook. They have an endless capacity for love and are fierce, responsible, and strong. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a relationship with one, you’d better be ready because she always acts in the following ways: No matter how long you’ve been dating each other, a strong woman will always be honest with you. She is straightforward and doesn’t ask you to do one thing while expecting you to do another. No. She speaks openly and honestly with you. With her, there are no mind tricks about anything, large or small. She is done wasting her time because she is clear on what she wants. A powerful woman isn’t afraid to set boundaries and uphold them, even if doing so might lead to conflicts. In fact, she is equipped to handle any potential conflict. She simply won’t allow you to take advantage of her, undercut her, or treat her like a doormat. She has expectations for how you should treat her, and she will make sure that happens. If not, you can bet that she will send you out the door without batting an eye. Even while she’s dating, a strong woman keeps true to herself. Because she understands she’s being authentic and appreciates authenticity, she doesn’t try to disguise how she feels or worry that she might be “too much.” You won’t ever have to worry about coming across as weak, foolish, or crazy when you’re with her. She wants you to be yourself and true to who you are because only then will she be able to see you for who you really are.

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