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Do you find yourself asking yourself repeatedly how or why something like this could have happened when things go wrong? Do you begin looking for somebody to blame? Do you exaggerate the severity of your issues? If so, be aware that all of these are thought traps. Any path of thought that ends in a dead end should be avoided. Instead, think about things that will help you find a solution to the issue you’re presently facing or find a way out of the circumstance you’re in. Enter Active Thinking Mode. Action follows active thought, and you must take action to free yourself from a bad position. What would Franklin Roosevelt do? is a question she asks herself when she is depressed due to her sickness. This gives her the willpower to push through any unfavorable emotions she may be feeling. It aids her in overcoming the hardship brought on by the condition she was born with. Protect Yourself From Stress. The concept behind self-inoculation against stress is the same as that of medical immunization. By injecting minute amounts of a virus into the patient’s bloodstream, a doctor immunizes them against disease. The normal immunological responses of the body are triggered by this. By purposefully subjecting yourself to varied stressors—that is, anything that is outside of your comfort zone—you inoculate yourself against stress. Building up your resistance to stress is similar to bulking up physically by lifting weights at the gym: start small and work your way up to greater and more challenging difficulties. You’ll be far more equipped to handle the stress that comes from hardship if you immunize yourself against it. As a result, you will become more resilient.

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