“Marraige and TV…” besinitu comedy drama chapter 1 episode 23

You don’t even have to laugh aloud to enjoy the benefits of humor in your life—just finding something amusing or humorous will suffice. She says that humor enables you to view things in a fresh and unexpected manner. It’s not about finding humor in difficult situations or ignoring suffering, but rather about allowing ourselves to more frequently see the lighter side of life as a way to relieve stress and refuel. We could all use a few more laughs right now, especially as we head into the ambiguity of winter after the year we’ve had. Paul Osincup, a comedian and the president of the AATH, claims that anyone can laugh more. He claims that humor is a habit rather than a talent. He advises developing the habit of finding humor in commonplace situations rather than obsessing over being clever or funny. For instance, if you spill your coffee, have a good laugh about it with your companion. Osincup enjoys using the following two phrases: Now that you’re paying attention, “It’s just half and half: Half on the table, half on my lap,” for example. “Drama, horror, or comedy can all be found in life. How frequently do you consider it to be a comedy? he asks. A good place to begin is: Laugh loudly and often. Don’t just smile to yourself when you find something amusing; instead, let out an audible “Ha ha!” At first, this might seem forced, but over time, you’ll release and laugh more frequently and louder than before, he claims. You’ll get better at using humor as you practice using it more.

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