Matias and Helen wedding pictures

Your wedding day will pass in a flash, but your lovely wedding pictures will be treasured always! Beyond the conventional wedding party images, we’ve picked together 20 pictures you had to take on your big day—and we’re not talking about the bridal party, first glances, or cake cutting. Talented wedding photographers mix art and science to properly capture your day. These pictures are so informal and make for the best photo opportunities. Take some fun pictures of the day in matching pajamas or robs before the dresses and jewels come out for all the glitz and glam, so you have some more relaxed, enjoyable pictures to look back on. Wedding photos may come off as being quite official, so make sure your personality comes through as well! Don’t pass up the chance to be funny and have pictures taken that truly depict the emotional rollercoaster that is a wedding day. Look at how joyful these two are, for real. You’ll probably save a few extra invitations, but we still think the picture is worthwhile! We love incorporating invite suite photographs into wedding album designs because we believe they capture the essence of the occasion. Do not pass up the chance to take a generational picture if you are fortunate enough to have your parents and grandparents join you in celebrating your special day. We adore this close-up image showcasing three generations of contentedly wed women! Don’t forget to snap some individual pictures with your bridal party! Since bridesmaids and groomsmen frequently don’t know one another, these photos will mean a lot. They adore you so much and will treasure a picture of just you to commemorate your special day! Printing them off and adding them in thank-you notes is such a great idea, in our opinion!

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