Matias is asking for forgiveness

If you’re wondering how to create a solid marriage, there is one important thing you can do. It’s true that your partner’s friends and family were there with them before you arrived, and that they have a particular place in their lives that will endure forever. In this way, your partner will value you much more if you get along well with their family and friends. Sometimes all your partner really needs is some time by themselves. Give them the time and distance they require so they can recharge before returning to you. Allow your partner to spend some time with their friends or engaging in their own interests rather than getting pumped up. Never forget that even though you are married to your partner, you still need to be yourself. Traveling together is one of the best yet entertaining marriage suggestions. Together, unraveling the wonders of the world does, in fact, bind you and your partner. Additionally, traveling enables you to view your spouse from a new perspective and reignite the flame of passion. The experience of emotional intimacy can be increased by touching each other as frequently as feasible. Go on walks holding hands, give each other hugs in the morning before you leave for work, and kiss goodnight. These actions help you establish a stronger marriage by making your partner feel loved, which is one of the pillars to a successful marriage. It’s normal to feel uneasy after divorcing your spouse. Do not criticize your partner for not trusting you or disregard their needs if they approach you out of insecurity about your relationship. Assure them that you have decided to stay with them, and then list some of the reasons why.

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