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One may compare falling in love for private reasons to having a simple friendship; it lacks commitment and passion. Many people seek closeness for self-enhancement, which is another reason why they want to get close to someone; it’s not always for sex. It’s self-serving at times. Everyone enjoys feeling loved and cared for. Both men and women desire a sense of their masculinity and femininity. It’s common to allow ourselves to fall in love out of desire or strong sentiments for someone. The sentiments that result in sexual attraction, physical desire, and romance give rise to passionate love. When you see someone you like, something about them captures your attention and makes you want to be around them. Complete love is commitment. People who wish to commit to someone want a stable connection. People who just want commitment could not have any interest in basic friendships or sexual desire. Young adults today are more interested in things than in relationships. Consumption is the source of objectification. People are less interested in obligations when culture gets more consumeristic. Some teenagers are more concerned with winning over people who don’t matter to them. Therefore, everything must be devoured, including interpersonal ties. Sternberg’s love theory is widely applicable, although everyone has their own unique motivations for falling in love. You don’t always need a scientific explanation for why you fall in love.

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