Meaza and Michael introduction their new drama Afafe

Actors are skilled performers who portray characters in films, plays, and television programmes. The daily grind isn’t quite as glamorous, even though many aspiring actors dream of one day being famous. In addition to memorising lines, reading at auditions, and competing against thousands of other actors, actors frequently work odd jobs to support themselves. Although many performers relocate to major cities like Los Angeles or New York, there are production firms all over the world that regularly hire actors. Even though it can be a demanding career, acting can be one of the most rewarding and pleasurable career paths if it’s something you genuinely enjoy. Ability to memorise lines: Being an actor requires having the ability to memorise lines. It’s a requirement of the work, therefore the sooner you pick it up, the better. Creativity: Actors must convey emotions and characters in a compelling and true manner. Your audiences will be more interested and you’ll have more opportunities as an actor if you can be more inventive in how you portray and capture those feelings.

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