Meet journalist Nafikot’s second child

Despite the fact that working mothers are more prevalent than ever, some young women continue to worry that having children will make it impossible for them to achieve their professional goals. Unfortunately, that notion has a tendency to come true on its own. But you can find fulfilment without losing your mind if you make a few mental adjustments. It’s interesting to note that nobody ever questions if it’s possible to have a great profession and be a wonderful dad since being a great dad is thought to include having a great career. I mention this not to disparage guys; I know many dads who also struggle with finding balance. However, I believe it’s important to keep in mind that the cultural frame can be limited. The definition of a “great mom” is the second harmful cultural framework. The expectation on parents, especially moms, to be actively involved in parenting almost constantly has never been greater than it is now. There is scant evidence to back up the claim that this high level of parental involvement enhances children’s outcomes. In fact, evidence suggests that “helicopter” parenting actually lowers hardiness and increases anxiety in children. Furthermore, there is some data that suggests that a father’s absence from a child’s life may be detrimental, but this issue receives relatively little attention.

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