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We all want a superpower to help us in our everyday lives. For example, I’ve always wanted to be able to read people’s minds. To me, that would be the most incredible power anyone could possess. The following are eight people who have considerable superpowers. Please bear in mind that this is a fun topic to discuss. We don’t consider any of these abilities to be “superpowers” in the sense that we’ve come to understand the term. Leave a comment once you’ve completed reading and tell us what superpower you wish you had. A baby born in Germany in 1999 astounded nurses and doctors. Instead of the usual mushy baby fat, Boy, as he’s become called, had ripped muscles. The name of the youngster has remained unknown, although stories suggest that at the age of five, he was able to lift 7 pounds in each hand with his arms outstretched, a feat considered difficult for an adult. His grandfather lays stones by himself, and other members of his family are known for their superhuman strength. The prognosis for Boy is unknown, and his health is being monitored attentively. It’s unclear whether his muscle development would be entirely drained at such a young age as a result of this genetic mutation. Scientists are examining boy’s muscle growth and the genes that cause it in the hopes of discovering drugs to help individuals with muscular dystrophy, which is a good goal.

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