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meet the famous mofel Mammikka

A 60-year-old Kozhikode man, who is better known in his neighborhood for his faded lungi and shirt, is making waves on social media with his glam makeover. Mammikka, a daily wage worker, recently completed a promotional photoshoot for a local corporation while dressed in a suit and holding an iPad. This daily wager worker’s modeling skill was discovered by photographer Shareek Vayalil. He had previously shared a photo of Mammikka on his social media profile, which went viral due to the actor’s resemblance to Vinayakan. When this project came up later, Shareek could only think about Mammikka. Majnas, a make-up artist, did his make-up. The make-up helpers were Aashiq Fuad and Shabeeb Vayalil. Mammikka now has an Instagram page where he posts images of himself in everyday clothes as well as the makeover. In his hometown of Vennakkad, Kodivalli in Kozhikode, he is now a hero. Mammikka is pleased with his success and adds that if he receives offers in addition to his normal employment, he will continue modeling. A 60-year-old daily wage laborer from Kerala’s Kozhikode has made waves on social media after enduring a mind-blowing makeover, according to a popular video. Mammikka, who was previously known for wearing faded lungis and shirts, is now generating a sensation on the internet thanks to an ad firm that discovered him. The agency then requested Mammikka to participate in a photoshoot, which was captured by renowned photographer Shareek Vayalil and went viral. He also shared a trending video of his metamorphosis on Instagram, which shows his entire transformation, from haircut to wardrobe changes. He appears to be quite dashing in the video, with his smart attire and cool eyewear.

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