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meet the man with many children

“We were just blown away,” Scott, a French-Canadian, said. “We assumed we were inventing it from the ground up.” We were concerned that 150 would be excessive. Then we started looking about and discovered there were a lot of different situations. There have been numerous cases of sperm donors having hundreds of children. In the United Kingdom, there is an example of a man who had 500.” They were now confronted with a new problem. The number of children was suddenly too little. As a result, they heightened the humorous stakes. The donor, who was only known as Starbuck in the clinic’s records, would discover he had fathered 533 children, 142 of whom are suing the fertility clinic to determine who their biological father is. Most Americans will miss the Starbuck reference; it’s not a reference to “Battlestar Galactica.” Starbuck was a multi-award-winning Canadian bull who produced over 200,000 offspring worldwide. The film “Starbuck” is building its own kingdom. When it screened at the Toronto Foreign Film Festival that year, it was one of Quebec’s best grossing films of the year, with many international distribution deals. It received the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Audience Award in 2012, and the remake rights have already been purchased in France and India. Scott is now in post-production at DreamWorks on “The Delivery Man,” an American remake of “Starbuck” that he wrote and directed and stars Vince Vaughn. The Disney film will be released on October 4th.

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