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meet the world’s hairiest girl

Supatra Susuphan, the world’s hairiest girl, has began shaving her face for the first time in preparation for her wedding to the love of her life. Susuphan has Ambras Syndrome, which causes her to have abundant hair all over her body, including her face. The seventeen-year-old, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, has been showing off her new hair-free face in photos with her spouse on social media. The photographs went viral in no time, with netizens giving the adorable couple a giant thumbs up. Susuphan has Ambras Syndrome, often known as Werewolf Syndrome, a hereditary disorder that is highly rare. It’s a form of hypertrichosis that produces excessive hair growth on the body. Susuphan was crowned the world’s hairiest girl by Guinness World Records in 2010, with thick hair covering her face, ears, arms, legs, and back. Susuphan always confronted life fearlessly, despite the fact that he was born with this affliction. Even sophisticated procedures such as laser treatment have reportedly failed to entirely suppress hair growth. Susuphan’s father has been quoted as claiming that she now shaves her body on a regular basis.

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