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Fathers have assumed three primary responsibilities in almost every culture studied: protector, provider, and disciplinarian. Before we go into detail about each of these duties, it’s worth noting that in many two-parent homes nowadays, mothers play these three tasks just as much as fathers. Mothers safeguard their children by tightening seatbelts and securing them in car seats, as well as monitoring internet usage and examining the environment for other potential threats. Mothers, like fathers, support their families by working outside the home. In addition, today’s women are more disciplinarian with their children than in the past, when the expression “You wait till your father gets home” was employed. When the mother is expecting, one of the tactics we’ve employed is to encourage men to baby-proof or child-proof their homes. What can they do to prepare their home for the arrival of the child? One of the ways dads can safeguard their children from risks within the home is to do so. They can also safeguard their children from harm from the outside world. This is especially crucial in areas where there is a higher incidence of violence, as the youngster may be exposed to gang activities or criminal activity.
The rest of the world is viewed through the eyes of mothers in connection to their children. Fathers have a tendency to see their children in terms of how they relate to the rest of the world.

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