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Mehreteab Asefa’s message to all Tewahedo children

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Tämari alludes to understudies of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Traditional School. Officially, these understudies are designated “yäýabénättämari” after the customary church school they are joining in; and normally individuals call them “yäqolo tämari” to allude to the standard thing “food” that the understudies eat to endure. These understudies and church researchers have left the instruction and classes because of death and different reasons, prompting the vanishing of this school and training and the imperiling of the congregation’s otherworldly service. Broad endeavors are being made to improve the help given by the congregation and to expand the existence of the understudies and school.

The understudies battled with yearning and destitution, verbal schooling, and their endeavors to become instructors. We have begun gathering support with the goal that you can give to this great motivation. We are glad to request you for sake from the Church to give what you have gotten. This is a require all Ethiopians and all preservationists of the world to partake in saving this glorious and Historic worth from further imperil.

This Fundraising is dispatched by Yemankiya Dewel Committee. Yemankiya Dewel intends to advance Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church esteems all around the world. The genuinely necessary data given by Yemankiya Dewel would help connect the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church adherents limited the correspondence hole for Ethiopians living all throughout the planet. Yemankiya Dewel additionally imagines giving projects relating to show God’s Word, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Values, the rich strict legacy of Ethiopia, its set of experiences, custom, and current issues.

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