Mekdes G/mariam and Sami Go Playing “Hano bea” on Enzirit

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of viewing your crush as reality vs an idealized version of them. Which benefits make you feel more strongly and which drawbacks have no effect on your sentiments should be circled or highlighted. Analyze the importance or triviality of such reasons. You’re not in love if you can’t accept the person as they are, warts and all. For instance, if you are too caught up in admiring their generosity or interesting talks to notice their messiness, you might be in love. On the other side, if seeing them makes you feel good but you can’t picture yourself spending the rest of your life with them, you might not be in love. When they tell you good or terrible news, pay attention to whether you share their joy or despair. For instance, you’ll know you’re feeling your crush’s anguish if you start to cry when they emotionally tell you their grandmother passed away. You can tell you’re in love if this happens. When you say, “I miss you,” consider whether you really do. Most enduring romantic love involves a core connection that is steady throughout time. This does not imply that you worry about them constantly because that would be an unhealthy form of attachment. But a crucial component of love is missing your mate and wanting to connect with them. Consider where you will be in five or ten years. Take into account the effects of childbirth, relocation, and professional changes. Think about if you’re prepared to deal with this person’s minor and perhaps fatal illnesses. As you get older, consider taking care of them or having them take care of you. It’s probably love if you can see a long-term future with this individual.

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