Meklit woke up with a funny face…..Our days

The majority of us are immersed in a busy maelstrom of activities that begin on Monday morning, end on Sunday night, and then start again. As we rush to finish pressing activities related to balancing jobs, managing the household, and driving our kids, parents, relatives, and spouses to work, school, appointments, and commitments, time flies by. We all agree, however, that spending quality time together is the finest approach we have to communicate our concern for one another and the value we place on our families. Some families choose to address this issue by planning extensive family vacations. By creating new experiences together, they can engage while escaping daily distractions. Although this is a fantastic alternative, regular habits rather than “once in a lifetime” experiences can have a much greater impact on your family ties. Additionally, personalizing your regular contacts with different family members can be a highly successful method to connect with them on a personal level. Make it a point to leave work early or plan your tasks for later in the day so that you can be home in time for supper with your family. When you eat dinner together as a family, you can participate in their daily chats and respond to any queries they may have had while you were apart. Is the kitchen sink malfunctioning? Do you need to paint the wall in the study? Children enjoy assisting with repairs. To us, it could seem like a routine activity, but for the majority of children, it’s a great opportunity to explore what’s behind the kitchen sink, learn how a faucet operates, and just paint the entire wall. Together, you can plan the project and spend a lot of time interacting as you fix things.

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