Mekonnen Leake and Elias Ketemaw on Seifu show

Seifu on EBS – Artist Mekonnen Leake and Elias Ketemaw on Seifu show. The visual presentation includes the exercises and the regular routines of nearly 3,000 waste pickers who battle to make money in the Koshe-Reppie Dumpsite. Matsunaga, the active Ambassador, recalled how the landfill was changed through the prestigious Japanese Fukuoka Method a savvy strong waste administration and treatment innovation.

Reports on Fukuoka Method clarify that it is a system that introduces find (squander water) seepage lines and gas vents to broaden the high-impact locale in the landfill squander layers. This technique lessens risky substances like carbon dioxide and methane gas that cause unconstrained start and avalanches. Notwithstanding its viability in strong waste administration, the strategy is not difficult to develop, work and keep up with. First presented during the 1970s, the Fukuoka Method was assigned by the United Nations as a powerful strategy for relieving an unnatural weather change.

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