Melis program of Zebiba and Esayas

Because you are still figuring out who you are, young love is even more difficult. Future issues can arise from falling in love and entering a committed relationship before knowing oneself. You act in a way that makes the other person happy. For a while, you could even think that you like these things. But one day you might realise that you’ve been spending your time doing things you don’t like just to impress other people. This makes young love complicated since you can discover that you don’t enjoy spending time with the other person as much as you once believed you did as you learn more about yourself. Additionally, it operates in reverse. When you think you have found the ideal match for yourself, the other person may come to realise their preferences are different. When this occurs, it’s simple to feel betrayed. However, it’s more possible that they didn’t know themselves well enough than that they were attempting to fool you. In order to learn to appreciate yourself for who you are, it is equally critical to recognise who you are before entering a relationship.

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