Men dressing mistakes to avoid

I’ve wanted to write an article about this topic for a long time, especially after some of the embarrassing moments I’ve had along the way. I sat down to write it today, thinking it would be quick and simple. It was a pleasant and relaxed way to do my weekly blog commitment. Every day in Stockholm, I see men who are either uninformed about their appearance or don’t give a damn about it. I completely appreciate that the cost of dental work, especially in some countries, can be exorbitant. However, you have no excuse not to visit the dentist for a thorough cleaning.
You acquire that horrible terrible yellow crust on your teeth when you neglect them. Men, unsurprisingly, don’t put much effort into grooming these days (or too much). Having nose hair protruding from your nose, an uneven back hairline, or grotesque jungle beards. You get my drift. The lack of skincare is probably the most noticeable. As someone who suffers from a skin problem, I recommend simply seeing a dermatologist for treatment. For the rest of you, a basic moisturizing moisturizer will improve your appearance and feel.
You don’t have to be obsessed with it; all you have to do is keep it clean and tidy. Get a good haircut, clip the hair on your nose, and keep your beard in good shape.

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