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Mesay Mekonnen on TPLF

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The other youngster, Essayas Alem said on his part that the psychological militant TPLF has been driving kids in Tigray into war. However, youngsters in Tigray, including himself, have dreams and need to go to class for a superior future, they have been occupied with a conflict without their desire and out of dread that they will be killed by the TPLF junta, he added.

Far off Regional State Prison Deputy Commissioner, Mohammed Ahmed said the pastoralist individuals of the district and the exceptional power, alongside the National Defense Force of Ethiopia, have been annihilating TPLF that endeavored provocative assault on the area. The gathering has been making purposeless endeavors of its long-term dream to destroy the nation utilizing youngsters as officers by taking care of them, he uncovered.

As indicated by him, the psychological oppressor bunch TPLF is showing its hostility to its own kin, especially to moms and youngsters, by pursuing a miserable conflict. So when the conflict broke out, “I gave up with friends to the military to save ourselves,” Eyerusalem expressed. She harshly noted offspring of the TPLF administration are concentrating abroad while different children are compelled to do battle. Helen Hadgu, the other young lady stole from her home in Mekelle said she had no clue about where she was till they entered the Afar district.

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