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Mesay Mekonnen on TPLF

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As indicated by him, the choice of the U.N Security Council to return the issue of the dam to the African Union intercession was correct. Besides, Ethiopia needs to remind African nations in the Nile Basin and outside that the conciliatory pressing factor put on Ethiopia could be duplicated on them later on. Consequently, political endeavors of the Government of Ethiopia ought to be founded on Africa, Professor Yacob noted.

“We need to grow our tact however much as could be expected, particularly in Africa. Since the exchange is currently back in Africa and is being intervened by the African Union, we need to activate the assistance of everybody in the Nile Basin. At the point when we instruct and arrange, when we contend and disclose to outsiders, we should go in a similar soul and toward the path, we will get results,” he highlighted.

Praising the commitment of researchers to the development of the dam, he said they ought to be prepared for greater duty later on. Educator Yacob additionally approached Ethiopians all throughout the planet to have their impact in understanding the development of the dam and lift Ethiopians out of destitution. Noticing Ethiopia’s inflexible stance on looking for African answers for African issues, he reviewed that Egypt and Sudan had then again attempted to take the issue of the GERD to audacious nations, the teacher expressed.


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