Meseret Mebrate before 12 years on Gemena drama


A common euphemism for “appearing old but yet clinging on” or “showing signs of age but still moving forward with life” is “aging gracefully.”
This gives the phrase an almost unfavorable vibe. Is it the only meaning we can give to this phrase, though? Perhaps aging gracefully refers more to the attitude people have as they move through different stages of life than it does to age or appearance. I’m 46 today. Not too bad for 46. I adore it, in fact. I believed that at the age of 40, I would feel finally like an accomplished grownup. I did, too. Being 46 makes me happy! And while some of you might be wondering why a 46-year-old is talking about aging gracefully, I believe I am entirely competent to do so. I can recall myself at ages 10, 20, and 30. At age 46, I can already see the effects of aging in myself (wrinkles and gray hairs), just like I did with my parents and grandparents. I am qualified because I have witnessed the process of aging from the very beginning—at birth—to the very end—at death. Our bodies, faces, and abilities all change as we get older. We are powerless to halt these things. We have very little influence over the majority of it. Certain parts of it truly test our patience. But because of this, accepting aging is the better option than fighting it.

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