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Message by Megabi Hadis Rodas

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After the third century, with the improvement of even more basically Ethiopian turn of events, Ethiopia’s names progressed for the heavenly creatures at that point venerated. This can be found in the pre-Christmas Ge’EZ etchings of Emperor Azana, where Ethiopia’s names supersede the Saharan or Greek names. Female horse identifies with Aries, Baker to Poseidon, and upsetting to the Saharan god Falmouth.

Safe-havens, uncommon ventured zones, and models were committed to divine creatures. In Yeah, there is an inside and out protected asylum focused on Almohad. This asylum was made before the fifth century; it is rectangular in structure with a twofold divider and single doorway. An equivalent asylum to a comparative god existed at Hawlti-Melazo, near Axum, be that as it may, it is as of now in ruins. A safe-haven focused on Aries is found in Axum itself. Uncommon raised regions to the heavenly creatures were similarly brought up in various spots. For example, at Damassé around eight kilometers upper east of Mataró, there is a raised region with a Saharan dedicatory etching to god sin, engraved with the pictures of the sickle and circle. There are similarly various unique ventured territories bearing responsibilities in Saharan to Almohad. After his victory over the Beja people on the northern edges of his territory, Emperor Azana brought status up in gold silver, and bronze to the god Aries.

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