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Message from General Tefera Mamo and the Mayor of Debre Tabor

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Ethiotimes every day Ethiopian news update on 19 August 2021. The development account is one such creature whose results won’t be charming. How could it be feasible to have constant financial development, (impelled by modest fossil oil) on a limited planet? There are additionally other unseen side-effects, the majority of cultural nature frequenting asking minds, however we won’t go over them today.

The relative solace innovation achieved has costs that are humongous, on the off chance that we think about the question of externalization. On the off chance that we consider the huge expenses because of soil disintegration, sea fermentation, air contamination, species elimination, and so on, innovation itself probably won’t well be attractive!

At the point when the human groups/social not really settled to smother reasonable requests, changes, not generally tranquil, will become unavoidable. In Southern Europe; in particular Greece, Spain, and presently Italy, the adolescent have begun to become dynamic in customary governmental issues.

The old gatherings in these nations were kicked out of force by new egalitarian developments, viably led by the young. Progressively, the young in these nations is articulating their situations concerning financial aspects (starkness) and governmental issues (movement) outside of foundation rationale, i.e., free of the norm. These spreading moves of the adolescent have begun to shake worldwide prevailing interests and they have begun to take their own behavior.

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