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Message from the mother in great sorrow

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Kidman Keseat – A Saturday evening infotainment show with magazine design; a way of life, break time visitor, book survey, music, cooking fragment, and some more, every Saturday. Shifta food varieties is a comfortable Caribbean eatery claimed and established by Feben Kassaye and Maranata Tegegn, a wedded couple who sought to influence Addis Ababa. The novel climate and menu make anybody can’t help thinking about how the thought for shifta became. Talking about how everything started, proprietor and organizer of shifta, Feben Kassay said:

“The thought came about in light of the fact that I needed to open a shop yet I didn’t have the foggiest idea what the shop would have been actually. I wasn’t exactly certain about my undertakings subsequent to coming here from the states and I would not like to work in an NGO or anything. I would not like to work for anybody however myself; I needed to claim something of my own. I pondered my potential outcomes and as a foodie, I contemplated what is absent in Addis Ababa’s food scene.

I lived in DC while I was in the states and it is a city of social cooking styles from everywhere the world and I experienced childhood in that blend of multicultural foods. One of my number one cooking styles was Caribbean food. My mother used to work in a Jamaican eatery in DC and I would consistently go there after school and spend time with individuals who worked there. Being around my mother vigorously enlivened me to dive into Caribbean food and culture.

That was the greatest motivation behind opening a Jamaican spot in Addis.” The principal part of the eatery had a lot cozier feel; it was only a stylishly satisfying feasting place that offered food and craftsmanship at the sight. Everything started in the carport space of a typical companion they had.

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