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Message From Zemi Yenus’s Son

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Author of Nia Foundation-a native Joy Center for Children with Autism, Zemi Yenus has died regarding COVID 19 instigated unexpected problems.

Zemi Yenus was going to Coronavirus therapy for quite a long time in a concentrated consideration and sharing a few pictures showing her battle with the infection by means of online media, and many were hopeful about her recuperation.

Started in May 2002, Nia Foundation is a native, not-for-profit and non-legislative compassionate association set up from the beginning to reducing the all-adjusted difficulties looked by people with mental imbalance and other related formative problems, and youngsters and ladies living in testing financial conditions.

Having made the important multispectral arrangements and producing associations with the public authority, public and global NGOs, Nia Foundation was legitimately enlisted and authorized by the FDRE Ministry of Justice on twelfth January 2006.

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