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Mind games women play most of the time

Women are ensuring that he is pursuing them even before any words have been spoken. And the very first trick is to get his attention while making out that she hasn’t even noticed him in order to put him in the position of being pursued. In fact, women frequently try to get men to look at them while simultaneously trying to keep them from realizing they are doing so. Long after the two have first met, some women continue to play this game. Have you ever noticed that some women never look at you first or bury their faces in their phones when you and they have agreed to meet? The winner of the “look at me game” is the woman I had a few dates with a few years back. She really was a champion. She exited the metro station fully dressed, walked two meters beside me, maintaining an upright posture, and took a long stride. like a model who overdid it on the catwalk. She then came to a stop three meters in front of me, made a sharp left and right turn as if looking for someone, and stopped there. I laughed and then immediately deducted some of her points for being such a game player. Funny how women tend to blame men for mind games when we are expert practitioners ourselves. I’d venture to say that almost all women have engaged in one form or another of these games, whether consciously or not. Since nobody likes to admit that they can be manipulative, many of us won’t say it out loud. But not every game a woman plays is done so with nefarious intentions. Sometimes it’s just to see who will support us or to infer what the other person is thinking without explicitly asking.

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