Mirtu Gebeta contestant who came from Jimma

Corporate cooking contests are a great way to get people in your workplace together for some excitement and fun. Your team will have a fantastic night of team building with wonderful food and a healthy helping of friendly competition that will carry over into the workplace. It might be time for a team-building activity if your team is struggling with unresolved issues, low productivity, or people who don’t communicate. It’s essential to establish trust and communication early on while forming a team, especially if you’re doing it with new hires or following a merger. There are many possibilities available to you when looking for the best team-building activities for your employees. Ropes courses and sports like golf might be enjoyable and physically taxing, but they don’t offer much in the way of new team-building techniques. Additionally, employees who are less fit could find these physical team-building exercises annoying. What team-building abilities will transfer to your workplace or factory floor, you must question yourself. By using a culinary competition to challenge the competitors, you may immediately reveal the best qualities in your staff members. Each employee will play a significant role in the process, regardless of whether they have a knack for presentations or can stay focused under pressure.

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