“Modelling is a bit challenge industry” International Model Melikam

There aren’t dazzling neon lights in huge malls or all-night dance parties in Ethiopian dance clubs when it comes to Ethiopian celebrations. None of this is a reference to the “exceptional TV shows,” most of which push you toward the early stages of heart failure. Most people in authority, including those who don’t appear to be joking about it, aren’t sending out “Cheerful occasion” messages. The majority of Ethiopian celebrations revolve around a flurry of raucous sheep, chicken, and other livestock parades. Your neighbors will peer over the wall to see whether the unfortunate animal has any meat on it, as this will be a live demonstration. Ha! They’re all about avoiding the screams of the clearly enraged chicken. Customers and shippers are the focus of these discussions. You can smell margarine and its eleven or more flavors, and you can see the smoke billowing out of traditional kitchens where the Habesha Dabo (the nearby bread) is heated. It’s all about the smells. Sadly, all of this is being consigned to the trash bin of history. The majority of the stories are “Quite a long time ago… ” flashbacks.

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