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Modern love story of all times

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The idyllic whirlwind relationship between Noah and Allie ended when obligations to family and society’s expectations pulled them apart. You will undoubtedly cry as their agonizing path to love is described in both the past and the present. Dexter and Emma only needed to exchange a single glance to realize they were meant to be together. This love story, which spans 20 years on the same significant day, culminates in a tragic catastrophe, emphasizing the significance of July 15. Vanessa Price quits her job and embarks on a world tour out of a desire to live life to the fullest, collecting millions of YouTube subscribers in the process. Life is flipped upside down for Vanessa when her half-sister abruptly gives Vanessa custody of her infant daughter. Vanessa finds herself on the verge of a romance and a future she never imagined when the beautiful lawyer next door offers to help with the baby.

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