Mom raised me telling I can do anything

These mother and son quotations feature wise words from well-known authors, sage advice from ages past, and heartfelt declarations. The one who gave me motherhood, my son, was my firstborn child. He’ll be a teenager in a matter of months, and I’m constantly amazed by how our bond has evolved over the past few years. He has grown into a young man with whom I can joke and engage in serious conversations. He will be a great assistance to me with our family dog and his younger sister. And I am confident that my son will always, always give me the best, largest hug at the end of the day. A mother and son have a particular relationship. (That’s between a mother and a daughter, but in this post we’re all about celebrating our guys!) As moms, we impart to our boys the virtues of kindness, gentleness, and respect. We want to reassure them that it’s equally OK to experience sadness and cry as it is to feel irate and furious. We looked around for a selection of parenting proverbs that expressly acknowledge the unique relationship between a mother and her son. These sayings about mothers and sons come from renowned authors, traditional proverbs that have endured the test of time, heartfelt tributes from well-known men to their own mothers, and advice from the boymom clan. As you continue reading, consider how fortunate you are to have this unique relationship between a mother and her son. The bond between a mother and son is unlike anything else that has ever existed or will ever exist.

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