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Mon and son reunited after 47 years

Nothing compares to the relationship that exists between a mother and her son. They share a special bond from the moment he is born till he moves out on his own and begins his own life. Sure, there are difficult times, from the sleepless nights when he’s a baby to the grumpy adolescent era, and then even more sleepless nights when he starts driving and staying out late, but the link is one to be treasured, especially on Mother’s Day.

It can be tough to put into words exactly how you feel, therefore we compiled a list of the greatest terms to explain the mother-son bond. These letters say it best, with statements like “I adore you” and “I’m proud of you.” Of course, there are some mom jokes included as well! (We can’t let the guys have their dad jokes all to themselves.) So, when you’re looking for the ultimate Mother’s Day card, write one of these quotations on the inside. Of course, it doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of making a delectable Mother’s Day brunch and shopping for the ideal Mother’s Day present! You know she’s deserving of your best efforts on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year.

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