Most people don’t believe when they see me on stage

You must dazzle audiences if you want your live performance to be remembered.
You can actually attract more music fans at gigs by having a dynamic stage presence and displaying a captivating charisma throughout your performances. Your band’s live performances can go from entertaining to truly unforgettable by mastering a few performance techniques. The goal is to perform live shows that can draw in any audience, anywhere. Young musicians frequently play for audiences that have probably never heard or seen them before. You must use a strong stage presence and give your all to your performance in order to stand out in their eyes. You need to put some thought into what you choose to wear when performing on stage. Yes, you need to sound great to keep the audience interested in your live performance. However, you must also appear to belong there. You must exude the most coolness in the space. Consider your musical identity and the message you want to visually convey if you are a solo performer. What you wear needs to match it. Everyone in a band needs to be on the same page and adhere to a uniform dress code. As long as it complements the sound and persona of your group, you can be as outrageous or straightforward as you like. Make the stage you will be performing on your playground when you consider it. Too many performers remain stationary for the duration of their performance and don’t move around enough. Moving around and being active while performing on stage is a big part of having good stage presence.

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