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Most Protected Presidents in Africa

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Coalition Sahara brought into the world on the first of January 1942 has been the head of the Ivory Coast since 2010. He at present situations as maybe the most guaranteed president in Africa. Union Sahara is moreover spotted with vivaciously prepared security officials each time he goes on obvious undertaking both all through the country. His authority vehicle is in like manner joined by seriously prepared authority guards who follow his vehicle by strolling until it gets away from the range of general society. He has maybe the most important Presidential Motorcade as his watchman incorporates High-speed bicycles and Armored Land cruisers which follow him any spot he goes.

The ruler of morocco is conceivably the most guaranteed pioneer in the Zagreb district just as the whole of Africa. He climbed the seat on the 23rd of July 1999 upon the passing of his father. His authority vehicle is an Armored Mercedes 600 Pullman while in morocco. His motorcade consistently incorporates a couple of Mercedes-Benz s 500 and Range Rover models when he goes to bumpy spots, A BMW s course of action with an exchanges’ jumper, a salvage vehicle, and a couple of quick bikes. Ruler Mohammed V is the most luxurious president in Africa accordingly getting extra security costs him little or nothing.

Emerson Managua imagined on 15 September 1942 transformed into the third head of Zimbabwe on 24 November 2017. He is at present potentially the most guaranteed presidents in Africa haven’t taken over from Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe has persevered through a lot of political and normal unrest of late thusly the prerequisite for the president to be overwhelmingly observed especially when he is on specialists errands both all through the country. His authority motorcade moreover includes high-speed police bicycles and the president rides in a heavily clad limousine followed by various authority guardians.

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