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Most unique people in the world

There are a few persons in the world that make it impossible for us to accept that they exist on the same planet as us and are as strange as they are. They have a lot of oddities or do odd things, which helps them get a spot on our list. Start scrolling down if you’re already curious about them and can’t wait to discover more. Strange people frequently ensure that they have some peculiar characteristics that help them stand out from the rest. They frequently win record-breaking competitions, and they are well-deserved. Obviously, they also put in a lot of effort to win the tournament and get to that level. Ngoc is yet another strange guy who lives on this planet. What makes him so peculiar? He’s a Vietnamese insomniac, to be sure. He hasn’t gotten any sleep in over 30 years. Naturally, insomnia prevents him from sleeping, but what’s strange is that he performs virtually regularly like the rest of us. He’s also capable of doing a lot of farm work. True, he requires medical assistance, which is understandable given that going without sleep for three decades can cause a lot of physical and emotional problems.

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