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mother’s love for her child

A mother’s love can go to extremes. She expects her kids to read two books every week and then write book reports for her. Then she makes a note of it… I’m hoping they won’t see she doesn’t know how to read. A mother’s love puts her own safety on the line. She uses her own home as collateral to fight for her child after an adoption loss. A mother’s love is unconditional. She will stop at nothing and spare no one who threatens the lives of her children if they are in dire danger. The unconditional love of a mother is humbling. Fear, concerns, and uncertainties about her children’s safety replaced Rose Colored Glasses. Life is no longer just about having a nice time. A mother’s love is directed first and foremost towards her children. For a time, she abandons her previous hobbies, interests, and pursuits. A mother’s love makes time for herself when she needs it, knowing that it’s the best thing she can do for her family. She declares… I’ll tackle that Big Thing later because I have more vital stuff to complete at home right now.

A mother does not use her children as an excuse to put off the difficult task she is currently facing.

She understands that the decisions she makes now will have an impact on all of her children’s futures.

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