Mulualem forgot the lyrics on Enzert

In the heat of the moment, you might be able to deduce their motivation and respond accordingly. Or perhaps you won’t put everything together until later, once you’ve had more time to reflect. Even if it’s annoying to have to think of a thoughtful reply hours later, you’ll at least be more prepared if they tease you again. Your initial emotional reaction can give you some important guidance, but it’s not always accurate and can be misdirected by prior baggage, as I’ll discuss below. Even while the sixth joke may have seemed similar to the others on the surface, it can mean something if you’re hanging out with a group and had already been teased five times that day and each time you felt included and pleased. It’s possible that something you wouldn’t have observed otherwise was picked up on by your unconscious. Once more, you won’t always get a clear response from someone’s nonverbal cues. Like how some people intend well yet deliver their lines in a really dry, deadpan manner. Others have the capacity to joke about the most horrible, savage things. But frequently, the tone of a person’s voice and their demeanor will provide you useful cues. It is more likely to be friendly to make fun of someone for a little flaw or error. Anyone picking on you about physical characteristics you can’t change and are probably insecure about, or trying to draw attention to something that can humiliate you.

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