Musicain Feleke Hailu and his family on Seifu show

Establish Your Performance Style: Choose how you want to carry yourself on stage. This covers attire, on-stage behaviour, and audience engagement. Your stage presence should be a reflection of your family’s character and the music you play. Record music as demos or tracks to keep track of your development and to share with others. Depending on your objectives, you can produce demos or even professional recordings. Plan execution: Seek out chances to play live as a family band. Start with intimate family gatherings, community activities, or even open mic nights. You’ll develop experience and confidence as a result of doing this. Develop Your Band: Promote your family band through local networks and social media sites. Post updates, pictures, and videos of your performances. The most crucial element of a family band is having fun and communicating with one another. Maintain open lines of communication, be receptive to one another’s thoughts, and decide together. Keep in mind that the objective is to enjoy yourself and make treasured memories. Continue to challenge yourselves and look for ways to enhance your musical abilities, on-stage appearance, and overall performance as your family band develops and gets experience. Keep in mind that creating a family band takes time, effort, and a desire to cooperate. It’s a wonderful way to use music to generate enduring memories and to tighten the relationships within your family.

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