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Musician Madinigo Afework passed today

Ethiopian singer Madingo Afewerk performs both traditional and modern music. He was born in the Gondar region of Ethiopia. The singers Ephrem Tamiru, Muluken Melese, and Elias Tebabal were his childhood heroes. Along with liking these well-known artists, he also used to perfectly mimic their songs, which won him the love and adoration of many admirers very early in life. Ten-year-old artist Madingo was attracted by the music and fled his home to enter the adjacent military camp. The amazing thing about “visitor” was that he began singing with the military orchestra and was so outstanding that the soldiers in the regiment gave him the moniker “Madingo,” which has remained his official name ever since. He spent the majority of his formative years at the garrison. When Madingo was a teenager, he moved to Addis Abeba and joined the “Zema Lastas Band,” where he performed in nightclubs and garnered praise for his imitations of well-known tunes. Producers soon approached him after carefully noticing the young man’s remarkable talent and assisting in the creation of his debut album. Songs like “Aman Newey Goraw” and “Seyame Atahulat” became popular right away. Madingo performed alongside some of the most well-known vocalists in multiple live stage performances despite his young age. His extraordinary feat today was singing the well-known Ethiopian cultural song “Tizita” in three different vocal styles, just as it had been performed by three different vocalists in a single release. It was difficult to distinguish him from the original because he accurately and carefully mimicked the performances of the three vocalists. He was admired for both his talent and his originality. His voice control skills are astounding.

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